Stand out resume designs, long enough to tell your story but short enough to skim through.

There’s a lot of resume advice out there, and it’s challenging to try to shoehorn your story into that “perfect” template. 

If you think about it, from your own experience, the best resumes are the ones that clearly show how the applicant will add value. 

A custom resume design allows you to take control and tell your story from start to finish.

There seem to be two types of resume or CV creators.

Copywriters who are too focused on the copy, leaving you with a rather uninspiring resume, or designers who are too focused on a fancy design, often resulting in a poorly worded resume that draws the attention to the wrong story elements.  

We specialize in creating custom resume designs for senior leaders who want to tell their professional stories uniquely, reader-friendly, and professional ways. 

If you’re simply looking for a cookie-cutter template to copy/paste your own story into, you might be in the wrong place.


We like to keep things simple and straightforward. Hence, two packages. 


Design Only

USD 350


Design + copywriting

USD 450

USD 350


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Lisa Pent
Lisa PentGlobal Client Partner @ Cognizant
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It was a great experience working with Michiel on the redesign of my corporate board bio and CV. He creates highly professional and purposeful designs, where his background in approaching user-centric design is a big plus. He is an articulate professional that communicates well and it delivers great results quickly. I’d highly recommend Michiel based on his experience, knowledge, and personal skills.
Katie Milway
Katie MilwayPrincipal @ MilwayPLUS social impact advisors
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Michiel is creative, responsive and offers his services at great value. I was surprised to learn his pricing came with lifetime updates, which have been a great help!
Kully Jaswal
Kully JaswalCEO @ Ignition Coaching
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Ignition has been working Club Soda for the past 7 years primarily on Resume and Bio Design services and they continuously exceed our expectations. Michiel is very talented, he takes time to understand clients needs and their personal brand before creating an outstanding design. He is great with clients and provides a unique service and I highly recommend Michiel and his team!


After more than 8 years of working with senior leaders and career coaches, we understand that you look for a solution that’s quick, custom, and stands out without forgetting about industry best practices. 

Our collaborative process aims to get to the best result, as efficiently as possible.

Step 1: Homework

After booking your intro call, you can share your filled out questionnaire, old resumes, and any other content that you believe is relevant to understand your professional story.

Step 2: Briefing call

This is our briefing call, where we discover your story, define success, and understand how to add your personality to your resume.

Step 3: First draft

We will work with our copywriter (if applicable) and prepare a first draft of your resume. It will use design to tell a story already.

Step 4: Revisions

When you receive your first draft, you can book time for a feedback session where we will go over all your comments.
Usually this first feedback session takes 30-60 minutes.

Step 5: Perfecting

After the first draft, we will continue fine-tuning the design and copy (if applicable) until you feel happy (and hopefully proud) to start sending out your resume.

Step 6: Approval

Once you are happy with the final result, we will share a PDF version of your resume with you.

You will be able to revise the copy at any stage after completion.


All of our designs are custom made, with a focus on colors, fonts, layout, and powerful copywriting. We created a few samples to highlight what we can do but your resume will most likely look different. 

Classic approach

This 2-page design was created for a senior leader in the medical industry. He wanted to make sure that his personal brand and gravitas jumped from the page. He wanted to ensure readers immediately noticed his career progression in renowned firms.

More playful approach

This was a one-page design we developed for a senior leader in the tech industry. Although he had more than 30 years of experience in a wide variety of industries, he preferred a fun one-pager that alluded to UI/UX projects he was involved in.

Creative Storytelling

Our client, a Senior Editory, was looking for a unique way to showcase her experience. We designed a unique first page, that grabs the attention, before proceeding to other pages.

Board Bio

We helped our clients to develop a consistent personal brand across resume, bio, and LinkedIn. All elements worked to tell a complete story.

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