About us


We started Club Soda in 2013 because we wanted to create beautiful solutions to digital problems. We were curious to find out whether we could offer a fresh perspective. By relying on data and feedback, we made sure we learned quickly. To this day, we have retained the same open-mindedness, curiosity, desire for continuous improvement.

As the world grows more complex, we yearn to simplify the lives of those we work with.

It all started with this realization: People who lock themselves outside of their cars are not looking for someone with manuals, tools, or advice. They just want someone to open the door.


Els De Sweemer

Based in Hong Kong for almost 8 years, Els worked in business development and creative services for over 10 years.

Specializing in loyalty marketing in APAC and Europe, she brought several new concepts to market and deployed numerous national campaigns for clients in the retail and petrol segment.

With a background in engineering, graphic design, and production, Els is passionate about creative challenges, using a multidisciplinary approach to come up with the best solution to any brief.


Michiel Den Haerynck

Michiel is a digital jack of all trades. Since 2013, he worked with and for SMEs, focusing on UI/UX optimization, brand strategy, clear communication, and creating digital processes and systems to improve customer experiences and increase internal efficiency.

In 2019, he realized he had always been on a path to become a “creative project manager,” combining an outsider perspective with an internal responsibility to deliver results.

He regularly talks about branding, social media, and digital marketing strategies.

(He wrote this section in the third person. He feels weird about that)